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The Learn Develop Live podcast is helping normal everyday people overcome fear, failure and rejection by developing a new energised mindset for the student, senior, educator and entrepreneur in the world.

As a certified coach and host of the Learn Develop Live podcast, Chris Jaggs brings a unique, honest-talking, and humorous, coaching and motivational style to create a fun and interesting learning atmosphere.

Based on the ‘Learn Develop Live method’, Chris is able to help identify the pain or issue you’re experiencing, develop a new habit working alongside you before taking that new habit and living your life on a higher level!

Find your focus and equip yourself with practical advice and an action plan as well as strategies to help achieve your goals, dreams unlock your true potential! Take control of your life, discover your purpose and find more confidence and happiness!

Welcome to episode 40 of the Learn Develop Live podcast, “Coming back from rock bottom!”  A quote for you, “Never be afraid to fall apart. It presents an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.”  They say we grow the most when we are faced with change, well, very few things change you as much as hitting rock bottom!  It’s part of the journey in life, there are lessons to be learn and it can become the foundation and the perfect platform to begin your comeback! 

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